How to register at BACE Chowpatty (bacechowpatty.com) ?

01. Go to bacechowpatty.com
02. Click on ‘Register’ link
03. UN and Email screen
04. To enter UN and Email (to keep same)
05. Click on ‘Register’ button
06. You shall receive an email in your ‘inbox’
07. To click on the link in the email to reset the PW
08. Please remember your PW
09. Go back to site, bacechowpatty.com
10. Click on ‘Login’ link
11. Enter your UN and PW
12. Here you may change your profile details and PW.
13. Click on ‘Visit site’
14. Here you can register for the seminar.

How to register for the next seminar?

01. Go to bacechowpatty.com
02. Click on ‘Current and Upcoming Seminars’
03. Click on login and fill your user details.
04. Click on ‘Register Now’ or ‘current and upcoming seminars’
05. Screen for filling details. [Please do not change the data (first name, last name, spiritual name, mobile number) if it is auto-filled] [If fields are blank, please update your profile] 06. Select ‘Event Fees’
07. Click on ‘CONTINUE’ button.
08. Confirm your registration.
09. You shall receive an email from ‘BACE Chowpatty’ (bace.chowpatty@gmail.com). This shall imply that your registration is accepted, however the status of payment of fees is ‘Pending’ (Pay later).
10. Once you submit the fees at reception, your status shall become ‘Registered’ and you shall receive an email from us. You may check this at bacechowpatty.com (Register > My Dashboard)

Importing iCal in Google calendar

01. Download ical file on your system.
02. Go to Google Calendar >settings > Calendars tab
03. Click on import calendar next to ‘Create New Calendar’ button.
04. Choose ical file from your system and select the calendar in which you want to import.
05. All the current events in ical shall be visible in your Google calendar.